Upgrading your farm to Pro gives you access to Field Health (regularly updated satellite imagery with NDVI analysis), map comparison and priority support.

You need to be a Farm Owner to start a trial or upgrade a farm to Pro. 

In the web app open the farm that you would like to upgrade, open farm settings and click on ‘Manage’ if the farm is on a trial or otherwise click ‘Upgrade’. This will open the account screen for that farm.

You can also go to account.fieldmargin.com to see a list of all your farms. Choose the farm you would like a upgrade and click ‘Manage’. 

Click ‘Upgrade’ on the following screen.

Next you will be prompted to select your plan level and enter your payment details. 

Plan levels and pricing are determined by the size of your farm based on the area of fields that you have mapped. By default the level that corresponds with your area of mapped fields will be selected but you can select a higher level if you wish (for example if you have additional fields that still need to be mapped). Once you have selected a plan level your monthly charge will be displayed.

Enter your billing details and card details and click ‘Upgrade to Pro’ to confirm your upgrade. 

Your first month’s subscription will be charged immediately and subsequent months will be charged on the day of the month that your subscription started.

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