Field jobs is only available for Beta testers. It is only available on web for Beta testing. Mobile will be available by the end of the month.

Field jobs lets you record farm work, specific to what you do in your fields. You can set up work categories and include inputs in a structured way so that they can be used for reporting.

Field jobs can be attached to one or more fields. When inputs are added to a field job you can set a rate for them and a total for each input is calculated based on the area of the fields for that job. You can add an input type to keep your information organised for reporting (fertilizer, seed, spray, other).

Setting up your inputs: 

You can set up your inputs in Farm settings.  

Cog > farm settings > inputs. The link to add inputs is also available when you create a field job. 

You can add as many inputs as you like (Sprays, Seed variety types, Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Irrigation etc.) Add units and type for each input.  

How to add field job

  • Select + Add New > Field Job
  • Write a title -  What needs to be done? and click ‘Create’. 
  • Add the field/fields you would like to add the job to from the list or by clicking on the map. You have the option to manually enter a work area for each field so that inputs required can be calculated accurately.
  • Select the input you want to use from your input list. Enter the rate of this input and the total will be calculated using your total work area. 
  • Add a job type to keep your information organised for reporting (fertilizing, planting, spraying, tilling, irrigating, harvesting, other).
  • Tag users, add a due date, and add comments as you would for a fieldmargin task. 

You can add as many different inputs to a field job as you require. This is useful if you are spraying a product mix. Each field job has one due date. If you require different due dates for each input you must set up multiple jobs. 

Viewing jobs and inputs by field

You can view field job details by opening the job on the activity list. You can complete the task in the same way as you do an original fieldmargin task. Jobs appear on field history/outstanding tasks depending on if they are complete or not.

 You can view a summary of your field inputs for each individual field. 

  • Select the field on the field list or on the map
  • Select the inputs tab
  • Select to view all jobs, incomplete jobs and complete jobs. 

How to add multiple fields to a field job 

You can add as many fields to a field job as you require. 

  1. If you require different rates for an input for each field you need to set up multiple jobs. 
  2. The total value of the input is shown on the field job sheet. If you would like to know how much input is required for each field you can find this information on the individual field input tab. This would only work though if you have one job using that input on the field since it shows totals.


Reporting allows you to see total values of inputs used on your farm. 

  • You can sort the list by input name and input type.
  • You can select to view all jobs, incomplete jobs and complete jobs. You can use this to get a projection of your total input usage for the year or how much you require for work coming up (if you view only incomplete jobs).
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