For this update we are improving the designs of yields to make it easier for new users to add yields to their farm on fieldmargin.

What do you think? Is there anything we have missed or that is confusing?

Very happy to talk through it on the phone too if that's easier for you.

We are also going to develop our ability to integrate and upload yield data. This data could be from excel or an upload from machinery that is used during harvest. Is yield recording on harvest equipment something you do at the moment and if so what do you use? If you can send an example file we can share this with the tech team to help with development.

Update to yield designs

As part of this update we are:

  • Allowing you to record yield as you make a field job

  • Making it possible to add all of your outputs in one go when you set up your first Harvest Job.

  • Adding a drop down menu for selecting an output.

  • The aability to set a yield as you create a field job.

  • Allowing you to add a total yield as an alternative to yield / ha.

  • Adding a Set up Yield table view on web.

  • Adding an Operator field view on mobile. This means when you select a field on the field job list you will be taken directly to screen where you can add the yield.

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