What is the 30 day history limit?

On the free plan you are only able to see the last 30 days of Field Jobs and note - upgrade for unlimited history

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With fieldmargin you have what’s happened on your farm at your fingertips. No need to hunt through notebooks, printed job sheets or spreadsheets. The data you record on your phone is instantly shared with all your team that have access to the farm and available in your reports.

Two of the key ways of recording this are Field Jobs, which are for work done on your field such as planting, harvesting, cultivations and fertilizing, and notes which are for any more free-form information you want to log around the farm such as issues or repair jobs.

Farms on our free plan can access view notes, tasks and jobs which were created in the last 30 days. Anything older than this is hidden, however it is not deleted. Full history of Field Jobs and notes is available on our paid plans from Essentials and up. When you upgrade you will see the records hidden by the free plan’s limits.

  • The activity list shows everything that has been added to the farm for that Farm Year in chronological order so you can quickly see the latest updates.

    Screenshot of the fieldmargin activity list on a mobile device
  • The to-do list shows Field Jobs and tasks which are incomplete in order of due date, by default this is filtered to show jobs that are assigned to you but you can change this to see your whole team or another team member.

    Screenshot of the todo list in fieldmargin on a mobile device
  • Field history makes it easy to view a timeline of field work for planning or inspections.

    Screenshot of field history in fieldmargin on a mobile device
  • The field to-do list shows you incomplete work on a particular field

Farm information is organised by Farm Years. This is essentially a filing system for organising your records by season. Farm Years don't have a start/end date, instead information is filed based on the Farm Year you are viewing. This means that the app stays flexible to different farming calendars.

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