When adding a field to your farm you can use auto-boundary to detect the perimeter of the field so you don't have to draw it.

Web app

  1. Start creating a field by going to the Fields tab in the sidebar and then click on Create, Draw

    2. Click on detect boundary

    3. Click in the middle of the field. Your field boundary will be detected if we have coverage. You can adjust it by clicking and dragging the points.

    4. Name your field and set a usage (optional)

    5. Click save


    1. Start creating field by going to the Fields section and tapping 'Create field'

    2. If there are boundaries available for your area auto-boundary will already be on

    3. Move the marker to the middle of your field, once you are happy tap 'Search'

    4. Your boundary should appear

    5. Give your field a name and save

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