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How to map your farm

Map out all your farm's fields and features, accessible on your phone or laptop for easy reference

Do more with your map

Get the most out of your fieldmargin map with more advanced functionality

Plan work with Field Jobs

Plan and track work in your fields and around your farm.

Livestock management

Streamline livestock management; record animal numbers and location on your farm map.

Team features

Share team locations, and a personal to-do list for each member of your farm


All of your farm records at your fingertips. Ready to use for ordering, costings, benchmarking or auditing.

Scouting and recording measurements

Use located notes with pictures for scouting and to track observations and issues around the farm.

Field Health

See variation in performance with regularly updated satellite imagery analysis so you can focus your time in the field on the areas that need it most.


Connect other technologies used on your farm with fieldmargin

Pro, Subscriptions and Billing

How to upgrade your farm plan, start a free trial and manage your billing