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How to map your farm
How to map your permanent features
How to map your permanent features

You can use features to map permanent things on your farm other than fields. For example hedges, drains or health and safety hazards.

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On fieldmargin we treat fields as a special case, learn how in the specific tutorial here. For all other permanent things on your farm you can use features to give your digital map detail, these are colour coded so that you can differentiate between different things on your farm. Some of the things you might like to add include paths, drains, pipes, buildings, water features or health and safety hazards - but you can decide how you use these however you wish. We built fieldmargin to be flexible so that it works for you and the way you farm.


  1. Click on the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen and select 'Features'.

  2. Tap the '+ ADD NEW FEATURE' at the top of the screen.

  3. Features need a Feature Type. On the Create Feature screen choose the Feature Type selector. We have added ‘water’ and ‘trees’ to get you started but you can create a ‘Feature Type’ to suit what you are about to add. Perhaps you need ‘Building’.

  4. Once you have the type you need, select the blue circle next to the type you want and tap ‘Select’.

  5. The name of your new feature will default to the feature type selected followed by a number representing how many of these you have created, for instance, ‘Store’. You can select and change this text if you want to specifically name the feature instead, e.g. ‘Potato Store’. Once named, click ‘return’ on your keyboard and now choose whether your new feature is a single ‘point’, a ‘line’ or an ‘area’ and press ‘Next’ in the top right.

  6. On the Draw Shape screen, pan and zoom to the area where you want your feature to be. Tap the map to drop the first point. For Lines and Areas, continue tapping to add further points. Once you’re happy, click the tick (✔️) and then ‘Create’ top right.

  7. Your Features will appear in the Feature List view and on your map. They will be grouped by Type.


  1. Click the ‘FEATURES’ tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. Tap the (+ NEW) button in the top right.

  3. Give your feature a title.

  4. Draw your feature on the map. This can be a point, line or area (features can only have one shape). Select what you would like to draw by clicking on it and then draw it by clicking on the map to add points, finish your shape if it is a line or area by double clicking.

  5. Features need a feature type. Select the type you wish to use from the list under ‘Select type’. We have added ‘Water’ and ‘Trees’ to get you started but you can create a new feature type and give it a colour to fit your needs, for example ‘Store’. To make a new Feature Type click on ‘MANAGE TYPES’ and click the ‘CREATE FEATURE TYPE’ button on the following screen, here you can give it a name and colour. Click ‘SAVE’ to create it and then click the ‘X’ at the top right or click away from the settings box to return to making your feature.

  6. When you’re happy click ‘CREATE’ to make your feature.

  7. Your Features will be listed in the Feature tab and can be seen on your map. They will be grouped by type.

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