How to add a field

Map your farm's fields and record what they are being used for.

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Fields are an important part of your farm’s map on fieldmargin. You can use them to record what you are producing in different areas of your farm. Watch our farm setup tutorial video here.

If you have your fields set up already as boundary files, in the RPA, MyJohnDeere or with Natural England you can import them by clicking on the ‘Import’ button. You can read more about these options and instructions for how to do them here.

Otherwise you can draw them by following the instructions below:


  1. Go to the Fields tab on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. Click ‘New’.

  3. Give your field a name.

  4. Draw your field: Add points for the outline of your field by clicking on the map. You can move the map by dragging it even when you have started drawing. To finish your shape double click or click on your starting point.If you make a mistake you can edit your shape by dragging the outline of your shape.
    You can also use Autoboundary to detect field boundary. Read the instructions for how to do this here.

  5. Set a use for your field (optional). Your field use is a way of recording what is going on in each field, for example crops or livestock. Select the use you want to allocate to that field from the list. Once a use is set you can change it at any time (read more).

  6. Once your happy click ‘Create’.


  1. Tap on the Fields icon on the bottom menu .

  2. Tap 'Create Field'.

  3. Type the name of your field into the box at the top.

  4. Draw your field by adding points on the map.
    Autoboundary is also available on our mobile apps, learn how to use it here.

  5. Move the marker to where you want your field to be by panning and zooming.

  6. Once you’re happy tap the map to add your first point. You can also add a post by tapping on '+ ADD'.

  7. Continue in the same way to draw the rest of your shape, when you’re done tap the tick.

  8. If you make a mistake you can get rid of your last point with the undo button.

  9. Once you’re happy with your new field press ‘END SHAPE’

  10. Tap "SAVE". Your field is now created, you can set a use for it by following the instructions here.

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