You can draw boundaries of areas such as fields or lines such as hedges or fences for fields, features and notes by recording your location as you walk or drive around them using our iOS and Android app.

  1. Begin by making your field, feature or note as usual (if you are making a feature or note make sure you have line or area selected).

  2. When you get to the drawing screen tap the three dots in the top right corner.

  3. This will open a menu with an option that says 'Draw by walking or driving'. Tap this to start.

  4. To begin drawing your shape tap the ‘Record’ button. This will start recording your location using your phone’s GPS so that as you move a line or area is drawn. You can leave this running in the background - you don’t have to keep the screen on your phone on and you can do other things.

  5. When you’re finished tap ‘Stop’.

  6. If you’re happy with your shape you can save it

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