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How to map your farm
Importing fields
Importing field boundaries from the John Deere Operations Center
Importing field boundaries from the John Deere Operations Center

Import fields you have mapped using John Deere GPS equipment to quickly map your farm.

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This feature is for our web app only

You can get your farm mapped even quicker by importing field boundary data from the John Deere Operations Center as fields in fieldmargin.

To do this you will need a MyJohnDeere™ account and an organisation in the John Deere Operations Center with fields set up in it. If you have a John Deere tractor, combine or other machine with built-in GPS capabilities, or a John Deere guidance system (such as the Starfire receiver, and GreenStar 2 ™ 1800 or GreenStar 3 ™ 2630 Display) on another machine then it is likely that you have some field boundary data set up with John Deere.

You can find out more about MyJohnDeere™ and the Operations Center here.

How to get started

To get started open the Fields tab on the left of the screen and click "New" and then "'Import'. From here you will see a list of tools you can use to help add your fields. Click 'John Deere Operations Centre', then 'Connect' next to John Deere.

You will now be given some further information on how the MyJohnDeere integration works. Once you are happy with this and ready to proceed click ‘Connect’.

You will be redirected to the John Deere website to log in to MyJohnDeere™, once you have logged in you will be taken back to fieldmargin.

Next we will import the details of the farms and field boundaries that you have in the John Deere Operations Center. This may take a few minutes depending on how many fields you have to import.

Once you have done this you will be able to select which organisation, farm and fields you want to import. Select the ones that you would like imported to fieldmargin and click ‘Import’.

You be taken back to your farm with the fields that you imported all there - magic!

If you want to edit any of the fields you just added you can do this by selecting the field you want to alter and clicking ‘edit’ in the top right hand side of the panel. You can set a usage such as the crops or livestock being produced in it by opening the field, clicking 'Edit' and then changing the use (read more).

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