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Mapping your farm using Environmental Stewardship data
Mapping your farm using Environmental Stewardship data
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If you farm in England and have an Environmental Stewardship agreement on your farm such as ELS or HLS you can speed up mapping your farm by using the areas within it to map your fields.

To get started open the Fields tab on the left of the screen and click 'Import'. From here you will see a list of tools you can use to help add your fields. Click 'Get Started' next to Environmental Stewardship.

First of all you will be shown an overview of how the process works. Click ‘Get Started’ to proceed.

Next you will be shown all of the areas that are within Environmental Stewardship agreements in your area.

Select one that is part of your farm and click ‘Use this land parcel’.

If the area you have selected is made up of several fields or other features you can cut it up into these parts. To do this draw a line which completely cuts across the shape. Ensure that your line begins and ends outside of the shape.

You can continue with this process until all of the shapes within an area are cut out. Once you’re happy click ‘Done’ to proceed.

Now you can name each of your fields by replacing the placeholder letters. Click ‘Done’ to continue.

If you are done you can click ‘Finish’ to create your features, or if there are other areas on your farm shown you can repeat the process by selecting another one until all of these have been named and cut up.

After you click ‘Finish’ all of the areas you just created will be added as fields on your farm. You can edit their names, usage or areas by selecting a feature you want to change and going to the ‘Edit’ panel.

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