Vehicle Locations makes it easy to see where your machinery is alongside your other farm information.

This allows you to see the location of John Deere machinery, including tractors, combines and forage harvesters on the farm map so that you can see progress on work and spot where there might be a breakdown

At the moment this works with any John Deere Machinery that is able to share live telematics and location data (‘JDLink’ ) but we will be expanding to support machines of all colours so that you can see where all your kit is in one place. 

Connecting your John Deere machinery

If you’re not sure if you have compatible machinery contact your dealer and they will be able to confirm this for you. If you have MyJohnDeere set up you will be able to check if you have machines that are set up and ready to go by opening MyJohnDeere and clicking JDLink, this will show any vehicles that you have set up.

On the fieldmargin web app you will see a tab called ‘Vehicles’. Open this and click on “Connect to John Deere”, this will take you through the process to connect your MyJohnDeere account and choose which organisation you would like to link.  

Once you have chosen your organisation you will see a settings screen. Change the vehicle tracking toggle at the bottom to ‘On’ and then click ‘Back to your farm’ the vehicles associated to your organisation on MyJohnDeere and their location should now show on your map.

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