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How to view your team’s location
How to view your team’s location

See where your team is on the map on your smartphone, tablet or laptop

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Open the Team Panel on the left hand side of the screen. You will then be able to see each member of your team that has location sharing switched on on the map and when their location was last updated in the bar on the left.


Your team members that have location sharing on will appear on the map as long as you have the 'Team' layer on. To change this open the layer menu on the right hand side of the map (white background with blue symbol) and make sure the switch next to Team is on.

Team members that have location sharing enabled appear with their initials in a green circle on the map as a marker for their last known location. You can tap on a marker to see their full name and the length of time since they were ‘last seen’; this is how long ago their location was last updated. 

If a someone’s location has not updated for a long time you can send them a message in Farm Chat - when they open the app it will update as long as they have data connection.

If a team member has disabled location sharing they will not show on the map.

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