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Connecting fieldmargin and Drone Deploy
Connecting fieldmargin and Drone Deploy

Connect your fieldmargin account to Drone Deploy to plan drone flights with your field boundaries and view drone maps with farm data.

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Drone Deploy makes it easy to plan drone flights to photograph and map your land. fieldmargin’s Drone Deploy app lets you plan your drone flights using field boundaries mapped in fieldmargin and to view the resulting maps in context alongside the rest of your fieldmargin data.

Before you start you will need an account for Drone Deploy.

  1. In Drone Deploy go to the App Market and search for fieldmargin.

  2. On the app page, click install and agree to app permissions.

  3. Once installed you will see a fieldmargin section in your flight plans and maps. When viewing a flight plan or existing map you will see an option at the bottom that says 'Connect to fieldmargin', click this (making sure pop-ups are allowed), select the farm you would like to connect and then approve.

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