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Import your map from Drone Deploy to fieldmargin
Import your map from Drone Deploy to fieldmargin

Import imagery of land mapped in Drone Deploy to fieldmargin so you can see them in context with your farm's data.

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Drone Deploy makes it easy to plan drone flights to photograph and map your land. fieldmargin’s Drone Deploy app lets you plan your drone flights using field boundaries mapped in fieldmargin and to view the resulting maps in context alongside the rest of your fieldmargin data.

Before you start you will need a Drone Deploy account and the fieldmargin app in Drone Deploy - learn how to set this up here

  1. You can create a map on drone deploy by using images from a flight planned in Drone Deploy or uploading photos from a drone flight (you can find instructions for this here).

  2. To export a map, open the map you want to export and expand the fieldmargin section at the bottom of the panel.

  3. If you haven’t connected your account on fieldmargin yet it will say “Connect to fieldmargin”. Click this (making sure pop-ups are allowed), select the farm you would like to connect and then approve.

  4. Once you have connected your farm you will see a button that says “Export to fieldmargin”, click on this. Open your farm on the fieldmargin web app, you will see your exported map in the maps list.

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