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Viewing your Drone Deploy maps on fieldmargin
Viewing your Drone Deploy maps on fieldmargin
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Drone Deploy makes it easy to plan drone flights to photograph and map your land. fieldmargin’s Drone Deploy app lets you plan your drone flights using field boundaries mapped in fieldmargin and to view the resulting maps in context alongside the rest of your fieldmargin data. Learn how to import drone maps to fieldmargin here.

  1. To view your drone imagery in fieldmargin; open the fieldmargin web app and open the maps tab in the bar on the left. 

  2. You will see your map in the list with the date it was created in Drone Deploy.

  3. You can set its visibility to on, 50% opacity and off by clicking on the eye to the left of the map.

  4. To skip to where that map is quickly, click “view”.

  5. You can filter your maps to see only the ones that are of a particular field or area by checking “List maps visible on screen” and zooming in to the area you are interested in.

  6. As you add more drone maps of your fields they will appear in chronological order so that you can see the change in your field over time.

  7. Your maps will stay switched on as you navigate the rest of the app so you can make notes and tasks based on what you see in them.

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