Printing your farm map
Produce a printed map of your farm
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The easiest way to share your farm is by inviting users to access your farm, this will allow them to view your farm maps and notes as well as adding or contributing their own on their phone or laptop. You can find instructions for inviting people to your team here

If you need a copy of your farm map on paper you can easily print a copy using the web app. 

Map printing is available on the Essentials plan and above. You can find out more about pricing and upgrading here.

1. Decide the way that you want your map to look. Your printed map will show whatever is visible on the farm map portion of your screen. You can:

  • Zoom in and out if you want to focus on a particular area of the farm

  • Change the base map using the menu in the top left of the map to choose satellite imagery, road maps, terrain or no background

  • Change which fields and feature types show on the map by clicking the eye symbol next to them on the map

  • Set you fields to display as filled shapes or just borders

  • Choose if field or feature names show on the map by selecting their tabs in the list

  • Show note markers on the map by selecting the Activity tab

  • Print drone or uploaded paper maps by turning them on in the map menu

2. Print. Click the print button in the top right of the map area. 

Choose whatever paper size you want. If you want to email the map to someone you can select 'Save as PDF'.

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