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How to start a 14-day free trial of Pro
How to start a 14-day free trial of Pro

Get a 14-day trial of fieldmargin Pro to see how it can help you on your farm

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Upgrading your farm to Pro gives you access to unlimited inputs, Field Health (regularly updated satellite imagery with NDVI analysis), map comparison and priority support. Learn more here.

You can have a 14-day trial of Pro for free with no commitment to purchase (you don’t even have to enter any card details!)

You need to be a Farm Owner to start a trial or upgrade a farm to Pro. 

You can upgrade or manage your farm plan by going to to see a list of all your farms. In the web app you will also see a link on your Farm Settings to start a free trial.

If you have a trial available you will see a link that says ‘Start a free trial’, click this and then confirm this on the next screen.

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