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How to view Field Health
How to view Field Health
Satellite imagery of your farm with NDVI analysis
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Field Health is a premium feature. In order to activate you will need to upgrade your farm to Pro. You can find instructions for doing this here. A free 14 day trial is available to allow you to see the value of this data for yourself. 


Open the Maps tab on the sidebar. At the top there is a section called Field Health (this may take a few seconds to load as we generate your maps).

This shows a calendar with all dates where satellite imagery is available for your farm highlighted. On average you can expect one per week but this can vary depending on weather as we don’t show imagery where there is over 50% cloud cover. We show a coloured dot under each date with available imagery. Green is < 10% cloud cover and red is 10-50% cloud cover.

Click on a date to display imagery. Imagery is shown for your whole farm.

Click on the arrows next to the month to move back and forwards through time. There are three years of satellite imagery available.

By default imagery is shown as NDVI but you can switch to RGB which is useful to see how NDVI analysis correlates with what is happening on the ground.

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