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Managing notifications
Managing notifications

You can change the settings for notifications to all notifications, mute and only things I am tagged in.

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When a team member creates a note or a task you can choose to receive a notification to your phone. You will also receive a notification when the task or note has been updated and/or completed. 

It is a good idea to check that the notification settings are turned on for all of your team so that you can stay connected. 


  1. Open the hamburger settings menu and tap 'Notifications'.

  2. You can set notification settings to: "All notifications", "Mute all notifications" and "Only things I am tagged in". 

  3. You can turn farm chat notification on or off. 

  4. 'If you still don't receive notifications check that fieldmargin app has permission to send notifications in your device settings'

Notifications are only available for mobile. 

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