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Getting started with Field Jobs and Reports
Getting started with Field Jobs and Reports

With Field Jobs, keeping and sharing up-to-date and accurate records for your farm can be done in seconds from your phone or PC.

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Field Jobs lets you record farm work, specific to what you do in your fields. You can set up work categories and include inputs in a structured way so that they can be used for reporting.

When inputs are added to a Field Job you can set a rate for them and a total for each input is calculated based on the working area of the fields for that job. Add an input type to keep your information organised for reporting (fertilizer, seed, spray, other).

Reporting allows you to view a summary of all your inputs on each field and totals for your farm in the same place.

Adding a Field Job with inputs 


  • Tap on the "Add Field Job" button at the bottom of the screen

  • Choose a job type (optional).

  • Write a title -  What needs to be doing?

  • Add the field or fields you would like to add to the job by selecting the field name from the list or by choosing the field on the map. You can choose to add as many field as you need.

  • Here you have the option to manually enter a work area for each field so that inputs required can be calculated accurately. To edit the work area tap the three dots next to the area.

When you add an input to a field job then you can calculate total amount based on area and rates. This information will be added to reporting. You can select the input you want to use from your input list.  

  • On the side menu select Farm settings. 

  • Tap "Add Inputs" and select "+ Create new input" 

  • Choose an input name. 

  • Select a unit and give the input a type (Fertilizer, Seed, Spray or Other)

  • Tap "Create." 

  • Next you can enter the rate of this input and the total will be calculated using your total work area. You can add as many different inputs to a field job as you require. This is useful if you are spraying a product mix. 

  • Tag team members to allocate farm jobs. Select the team members you would like to complete the job from the list. 

  • Add a due date by inputting a date and time. When you set a due date you will automatically set a reminder on your phone 30 minutes before the job is due.

  • You have the option to change the farm year. 

  • Click the save button when you have finished and the work will be set.

How to view work

  • You can view job details by tapping the job on the to-list or the activity list. 

How to complete work

  • When you've done the work tap "Mark Complete".  When you mark the field job as complete the date and time will be saved and users that are tagged in it will receive a notification. 

Viewing your field history and inputs on mobile

  • Choose the field you are interested in by selecting the name on the field list or by tapping the field on the map. 

  • On the To-Do tab you can view jobs and task that need doing in this field.

  • Tap the History tab to view jobs and tasks that have been completed on your farm. Who completed it and when is automatically included for farm records or inspections.  If you need more information, tap the job to view details or make edits. If you need more detail you can add this with comments and photos.

  • Select the Inputs tab to view your farm inputs and rates. Here you can choose to view "All jobs", "Incomplete jobs" and "Complete jobs". As well as the overall amount applied the total rate can be used to check if what you’re planning on applying is legal. Inputs are separated by type: Seed, Fertilizer, Sprays, and Other.

Reporting a farm input summary

Farm reporting is available on the Plus plan and above. You can find out more about pricing and start a trial here.

Reporting allows you to view all the inputs on your farm in the same place. You can sort the list by input name and input type. You can also select to view all jobs, incomplete jobs and complete jobs.

Use reports to get a projection of your total input usage for the year or how much you require for work coming up. 

Reporting a farm summary is only available on web. 


  1. Select the reporting tab on the side bar. 

  2. The drop-down filter on the top right allows you select to view "All jobs", "Incomplete jobs" and "Complete jobs".

  3. The arrows next to the headers let you order alphabetically by input name or by job type. 

  4. You can change the year using the drop down menu at the top of the report.

Report export

Report export is only available on web and is part of our Plus and Pro plans

  1. Select the reporting tab on the side bar.

  2. Click the 'Export all Field Jobs' button.

  3. This will download a spreadsheet of the work you have recorded on your farm to file in your records or use for further analysis such as costings

  4. Click the 'Export CSV' button.

  5. This will download a summary of all your inputs used on your farm as a spreadsheet

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