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Download your farm input summary report
Download your farm input summary report

Download a summary of all your inputs used on your farm as a spreadsheet

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Reporting allows you to view all the inputs on your farm in the same place. You can sort the list by input name and input type. You can also select to view all jobs, incomplete jobs and complete jobs.

If you want to download this report to use for further analysis or to file in your records you can do this using the 'Export CSV' button. This will automatically download a CSV with this data to your computer which you can open with a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Reporting a farm summary is only available on web and is part of our Plus and Pro plans


  1. Select the reporting tab on the side bar. 

  2. Click the 'Export CSV' button at the top right of the table.

  3. You will see a file downloaded to your computer, when you open it you will have something like this:

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