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Download your Field Job records
Download your Field Job records

Download a spreadsheet of the work you have recorded on your farm to file in your records or use for further analysis such as costings

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With fieldmargin it’s easy to plan and record farm work using Field Jobs. All of the work that you recorded is safely stored in the app so you can access it anywhere. You can use Field History to quickly find when a piece of work was done. 

You can also download your Field Jobs as a spreadsheet. This is useful if you need a printed copy of the work you have done for your records or farm assurance inspections. It can also be used to perform further analysis of your farm's performance such as working out costings. 

Report export is only available on web and is part of our Plus and Pro plans


  1. Select the reporting tab on the side bar. 

  2. Click the 'Export all Field Jobs' button

   3. You will see a file downloaded to your computer, when you open it you will have something like this:

This shows the name of each job, the job type, the field it was done in, the area of the work, when it was completed, who completed it and the inputs used with amounts. Where there are multiple fields or inputs on a job these are split into separate rows, this makes it easier to use the data for costings and benchmarking calculations. Each Job has a reference number which can be used to link rows that are for the same job if you have jobs with similar names.

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