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Requested permissions
Requested permissions

We request these permissions so that we can make the fieldmargin app as useful as possible.

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We do not sell user data. I have included explanations for some of the key ones below. You have the option in app settings not to grant these permissions if you do not feel comfortable doing so.
Camera: you can take pictures and videos with the app to add images of issues you record in the app such as weeds.
Location: The app only uses your location when it is in the foreground (in active use). This is used to help you locate your farm, map your fields and make located notes when in the field. Team mates can also choose to share location with members of their farm (this is not accessible to anyone else) which helps with worker health and safety when working alone in remote areas.
Telephone: This makes it quicker to make a call if you need to phone our support.

Storage: This is so that information recorded using fieldmargin can be stored on your phone. This means that the app can be used without an internet connection (a common issue in rural areas).

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