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Get directions to a field or feature
Get directions to a field or feature

You can select a field or feature that you need to travel to and get directions through google maps to it

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If you need to share the location of something on your farm with a team member or external contractor, or you are a consultant, agronomist or contractor working across many farms that you are unfamiliar you can use the 'get directions' feature to quickly find where you need to go.

Directions to field will give you directions to the center point of a field in your mapping app. If you want directions to somewhere more specific such as a gateway, building or piece of infrastructure you can mark it with a feature and then get directions to that spot.

This is a mobile only feature - directions for features are only on iOS at this point and will be released on Android soon

  • Tap on the field or feature you would like directions too.

  • Tap the direction icon on the top right off the screen.

  • You will see google map open up with directions to the field.

  • To see the list of directions, tap the bar at the bottom that shows travel time and distance.

  • To choose another route, tap it on the map. Each route shows the estimated travel time on the map.

  • To get direction press “START”

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