How to apply a promo code

Very occasionally we run promotions to get a discount on our premium plans, here is how to redeem them

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If you already have a fieldmargin account and farm

  1. Go to on your browser and log in with your normal credentials

  2. Select the farm that you wish to upgrade

  3. Select which plan you want

  4. On the checkout screen, click on the link next to 'Do you have a Promo Code?'

  5. A box will appear, enter your code in that box

  6. Click outside of the box, if the code is valid it will be applied to your order total

  7. Continue with payment as normal

If you are a new user you will need to register and create a farm first

iOS & Android

  1. On the fieldmargin app click the 'Create an Account' button, set up your login details and register

  2. Follow the instructions for creating a farm

  3. Once you have set up your farm go to and follow the instructions as above logging in with the details of the account you just created

Web (Laptop or Desktop)

  1. Go to and enter your details to register for an account

  2. Follow the instructions to create a farm

  3. Once your farm is set up click the 'Upgrade' button at the top of the screen and then follow the instructions above

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