Although the vast majority of planning and reporting can be done digitally, there are still times when you need a paper copy of field data for an audit or to be able to send a .pdf of a job sheet to a contractor that is not part of your farm.

If you need a copy of a field job or a field history you can easily print a copy using the web app.

Map printing is available on the PLUS and PRO. You can find out more about pricing and upgrading here.

Printing a field history

A field history is a record of the jobs and notes you have made on a field over a certain period of time.

To print a field history:

  • Select the field from the map or the field list

  • On the side bar scroll down to the field history tab

  • Tap “Print History”

  • If you want to email the History to someone you can select 'Save as PDF'. This is the view using google chrome.

Printing a Field Job

A Field Job contains details of the work specific to what you do in your fields. Jobs include, due dates, tagged user, and inputs (Fertilizersm seeds, sprays). When inputs are added to a field job you can set a rate for them and a total for each input is calculated based on the working area of the fields.

To print this information:

  • Select the Job from the side menu

  • Click more on the top right off the side bar.

  • Select “Print History”

  • As part of the Field Job print our you will see a list of work details including Input rate and totals for each field that is part of the job.

  • If you want to email the Job to someone you can select 'Save as PDF'. This is the view using google chrome.

The easiest way to share your farm records is by inviting users to access your farm, this will allow them to view your farm maps and notes as well as adding or contributing their own on their phone or laptop. You can find instructions for inviting people to your team here.

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