If a herd is no longer active in the farm you can remove this from the map and keep the records stored.

First set a herd with no location


  • Open the Herd

  • Tap Move

  • Tap the field that the herd is currently in

  • The location will change to "no location"

  • Tap Save


  • Open the Herd

  • Tap Move next to current location

  • Tap Move on this screen

  • The location will change to "no location"

Viewing the herds details

You will still be able to view the herd on the herd list and see it's history. The moves this herd has been will still be part of the field history.

If you delete a herd then the herd history will be deleted.

Some users add the word ARCHIVED to the title to make this clear it is no longer an active herd. To change the herd name select the herd and tap edit.

Herd splitting/merging is on the product roadmap so in the future there will be an easier way for you to mix animals between herds. If you would like more information or are keen to be a tester message support@fieldmargin.com.

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