To help you get started we can upload some of your farm recommendations or historic jobs into fieldmargin. This will let you see how a mobile field history can work for you.

The types of file that you may wish to upload include:

🚜 Spray plans of work that you have already completed this season

🌾 This seasons planting and seeding plan

📆 Last years spray records

📊 Yield results from the previous year

📋 A list of sprays, fertiliser and seeds that you use

What files can I upload? You may upload any PDF, a spreadsheet or a photo that contains an image of a paper report/notes.

How to claim: To claim simply email with the name of your farm and the files attached.

I am online if you have any questions about reporting or have any feedback about field jobs and inputs. You can find more information about reporting with fieldmargin on our website.

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