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Plan work with Field Jobs
How to record details of hay production
How to record details of hay production

How to use fieldmargin to record fertilizer, cut dates, yield and reporting.

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This help document explains how you can use fieldmargin to:

Recording these details means you can track total production and help you learn what works and what does not work on your land.

To use fieldmargin first you need to map your farm and set your field uses. You can read how to do this here. This is an example of a small 4 camp demo farm drawn out:

How to record fertilizer use on mobile

  • Tap on the " Add Field Job" button at the bottom of the screen

  • Choose a job type Fertilizing

  • Add the field or fields you are applying fetilizer to.

  • Tap "Add Inputs" and select "+ Create new input"

  • Choose an fertiliser input name e.g. Nitram

  • Select a unit (e.g. kg) and set the input type as Fertilizer.

  • Tap "Create.”

How to track cutting dates

First you need to set up the job for the first cut

To do this:

  • Tap “Add field job”

  • Select Harvesting

  • Add fields

  • Tap “Add Output”

  • Select “Create new output”

  • Name = “First cut (Bales)”

  • Set the unit as “Count”

  • Tag members of the team to the work

  • Set a due date (This can be a start date or an estimated date)

  • Tap save


Now you can view this jobs as part of your to-do list

To view the job simply tap the “To-Do” tab at the bottom of the screen

Mark the work as complete as you finish it from your mobile in the field

How to record the total yields of hay bales

Record the number of bales harvested in a field

  • Tap “To-do”

  • Select the Harvesting job

  • Complete the jobs

  • Tap “Add Yield”

  • Add the number of bales collected on each field

  • Tap save

The harvest record will become of your activity list, You can view harvest details as part of the field history and field inputs.

After the first harvest you can set up a job for the second cut!

To set up the job for the second cut you can repeat this process but make sure instead of adding the output “First cut (Bales)” add the output “Second cut (bales)”. This means that you can compare the yields between outputs (in this case cuts.)

When you have completed the second cut on this field you will be able to view dates on the field history and view the total output as part of a field input.

Add observations to jobs

  • Open the Field Job from the To-do list or the activity list.

  • Write your comment in the bar at the bottom of the screen

  • You can add pictures by tapping the '+' button to the left of the comment bar

  • Tap Send

How you can use reporting to view and compare yields within a season

Share the information with others! You can invite as many people as you need to join your farm.

The yield reporter tool is part of our essentials subscription. This is costs 20 R or £35 a year to purchase. Learn more here. If you have any questions please email

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