First add a measured margin around the inside of a field

  • Select the field on the map

  • Select “Add Margin” from the tool bar on the map

  • Add the margin width

  • Click "Apply"

  • Select the margin on the side bar and then select the slice tool

  • Next zoom into the corner of the field where the fieldmargin cut-off

  • Use the slice tool to cut through that section

  • Next draw a line using the slice tool to the other corner of the field where the margin ends

  • Slice through this section

  • Double click to make the cut

Next use the merge tool to merge together the main field section and the two sides of the field that do not have a margin

  • Select Merge

  • Tap the fields on the map or on the side bar

  • Tap apply

  • You can then change the name of the margin on the side bar.

  • Click "Save"

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