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Update your inputs with information from the Pesticide Database
Update your inputs with information from the Pesticide Database

Add information like reference number, pesticide type & active ingredient to your spray inputs by matching them with the pesticide database

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You can use the Pesticide Database to search for available sprays in your country and quickly add them to your Field Job. This will also record the pesticide reference number, active ingredients and pesticide type for your reporting and farm assurance.

If you have inputs that are pesticides which you set up manually you can match them to records from the Pesticide Database to add this information. As well as making your records more complete we will be adding more functionality for pesticides to help you check your spray plans meet label restrictions.

This feature is available on our Essentials plan and above in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA. You can upgrade here or start a 14-day free trial here.

  1. Open the web app by going to in your browser

  2. Go to Farm Settings and click the Inputs tab

  3. Click on Match Pesticides

  4. On the next screen you have 2 lists. On the left is the inputs you have set up on your farm which aren't matched to pesticides. On the right next to each one is a space to find the corresponding pesticide.

  5. Type the name of the pesticide in the box and matching results will come up in a dropdown.

  6. When you select one the additional information like registration number and actives will appear so you can check it is the right one

  7. Click the match button between the two items - your match will be saved and the row disappears

  8. Continue for all your pesticides

  9. When you're done click Finish - if you have matches that aren't saved yet you will be asked if you want to save or discard them

n.b. The units on and input and pesticide have to match to be able to save the match. This is because changing the unit would upset your existing spray records.

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