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Using the Pesticide List when adding inputs to Field Jobs
Using the Pesticide List when adding inputs to Field Jobs

Select sprays from the pesticide list for quicker job set up

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You can select spray inputs for a job from a list of the pesticides available in your farm’s country. You can still add your own inputs for fertiliser, seed, biologicals etc.

This feature is available on our Essentials plan and above in the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. You can upgrade here or start a 14-day free trial here.

To help you meet farm record keeping requirements we store each pesticide’s reference number, type (fungicide, herbicide etc) and active ingredients so they will be on hand for inspections.

  1. Create Field Job; select a type, add information in the name and select fields

  2. Click 'Add Inputs'

  3. Inputs you have set up or used on your farm before appear under 'Your farm inputs', if they are from the pesticide database they have a green shield next to them

  4. Type in the search bar at the top to find the pesticide you want, this will filter both lists

  5. Select the pesticide you want, if it is in the pesticide database section it will show reference number, type and units on the next screen, this can take a few seconds to look up

  6. Add your planned spray rate and save

You can quickly add a new input (for example a fertiliser which wouldn't be in the database) by clicking the 'Add new' link under the search bar.

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