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Reporting field performance with Gross Margins
Reporting field performance with Gross Margins

Monitor farm performance with with Gross Margins per field and field-usage type.

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Tracking your financial margins is important for measuring and comparing performance across your farm. Use fieldmargin reporting to calculate and report farm Gross Margins (income from outputs - spend on inputs).

Farm Costings is a PLUS and PRO feature and is available on web only.

How to view a Gross Margins report

  • Select "REPORTING" on the side bar


You can then choose to view a gross margin for individual fields and grouped by field usage. To switch between tap the text on the top line.

View Gross Margin for individual fields.

The first analysis shown is by field. This analysis list fields by name,

The table shows:

  • Total spend of inputs and spend/ha separated by input type.

  • Total income from outputs and income / ha.

  • Gross margin (income from outputs - spend on inputs)

The graph shows the Input, Output and Gross Margins in £ / ha.

  • The Output price is shown as the grey section of the bar.

  • The Input spend is shown as negative values on the bar chart.

  • The dashed grey line show the Gross Margin value.

View Gross Margin by field-usage

Tap “BY USAGE” on the top of the screen to assess margin by crop. You have the choice to view the data as a graph or as a table.

The graphs shows:

  • Output value of each crop in the blue bar (£/ha).

  • Input spend of each crop (£/ha).

  • Gross margin (£/ha) This is the income from outputs - spend on inputs.

Filters and exports

You can choose to filter grossmargins by field and by job. You also have the option to export a .csv file.

Interested to see Gross Margins set up? Check out and interact with our demo farm.

In order to use Gross Margins you will first need to add input costs and output price. You can find instructions for how to add these here.

As ever, we’d love to know what you think. Email or call +44 203 289 4200, our support is here to help.

Costings and Gross Margin reporting is a PLUS + PRO feature. You can upgrade here or start a 14-day free trial here.

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