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Sub-fields - How to divide your fields
How to set up multiple crops in a field over a season using sub-field
How to set up multiple crops in a field over a season using sub-field

How to set up multiple crops in a field over a season using sub-field

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You can use sub-fields to keep records for different crops grown on the same field during the same season.

Sub-fields can be drawn on web-only. Once drawn they are visible on mobile as well.

How to set up a new field layer using sub-fields

  • Select the field from the map or the field list

  • Select “+ Add sub-field” on the side bar

  • Tap option on the menu bar that says “DRAW NEW”.

  • Next draw a field boundary on top of your current field. The points will snap to the points that you have already drawn. If the growing area is different then you can draw out any area that the crops are growing on.

  • Add names to the sub-fields so that you will know which layer is which. In this case I have saved sub-field 1 as“First Crop” and sub-field 2 as “Second crop”.

  • Tap Save

  • You will then be given the option to choose which field your existing field-use and field records are attached to. Select the first cropping option.

Change field layer visibility

The next step is to change the visibility of your field layers so that the new crop is visible. You an do this using field-uses

  • Open the parent field by clicking the field on a map or on the field list

  • Click the parent fields name on the top title.

  • Select the first crop sub-field

  • Tap edit next to the field use

  • Set up a new field-use that indicates that the crop has been harvested. E.g. Type: WHEAT, Description: Harvested April.

  • Tap SAVE

  • Tap the field tab on the left hand side bar.

  • Scroll down to the field-use of the harvested crop.

  • Set the field as not visible on the map by tapping the eye icon.

  • You can still view and add record to this crop by opening the field from the field list.

  • The second crop that you are growing in this season will now be visible on the map. Tap the field from the map or the job list to add new inputs and job data.

We are working on an update to make this process easier with less steps. If you would like help setting up contact

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