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You can record machinery use associated with Field Jobs using inputs.

Set up your machinery as inputs

  • In farm settings add an input for your machinery.

  • Choose a unit to measure for Jobs. You can choose litres (L) to measure the amount of fuel used or Count to record the number of hours used or a per ha/ac cost if you have these calculated for your machibery.

  • Set the Input Type as other.

Add your machinery input to a Job

  • When adding the input to a job you can choose to add the amount used / ha or the total amount used per job.

When you are setting up. a spraying or fertiliser field job you can now add a machinery input to the same job.

  • Tap "Add Inputs" and select "Machinery A"

  • Next you can enter the rate of this input per ha or the total amount used across the job.

Example of adding machinery records as the amount of Diesel used / ha

Example of adding machinery records as the total amount of time it took to complete the Job.

Example of adding machinery records as a per ha/ac cost

Reporting costings

Once the work has been completed you can work out costs using costing reports on web.

  • Tap Reporting on the left hand side bar

  • Tap “Input Summary” to view the total amount used across the farm and then tap "Edit costs" to add a unit cost. For fuel records this will be the price/l of diesel, for hours it would be the cost associated to a machine hour (this could include labour), if per ha/ac it would be the cost calculated for doing one ha/ac of work with that machine.

  • Tap “Input Report” to view a breakdown of the amounts of inputs used per field and totals for field usage.

  • Tap “Gross Margins” to monitor farm performance per field and by usage. You can view there (in this case machinery) spend as dark grey on the bar chart. Read more about Gross Margins here.

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