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Plan work with Field Jobs
Manage all your fields attached to a job in one go
Manage all your fields attached to a job in one go

This update on web makes it possible to back-date completed work on multiple fields at the same time.

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Web only. Updates for mobile are coming soon.

  • To edit information for multiple fields tap "Edit" in the field section of a Field Job

  • Here you can manage details of your fields in one go. You can edit working area, completion date, completion time and who completed the work.

  • You have the choice to "Select all fields" or select fields individually in the "Edit multiple column"

  • When a row is highlighted as blue changes that are made will apply to all the selected fields.

  • You can edit the user that completed the work by tapping on the name.

  • Tap to "SAVE" at the bottom to record changes.

You can also attach and edit users to each individual Field of a job.

More updates for mobile, and web, are coming soon.

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