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Plan work with Field Jobs
Add details to Field Jobs for farm inspections and audits.
Add details to Field Jobs for farm inspections and audits.

How to add additional details to fields on Field Jobs including: Weather, wind speed, temperature start date, and completed date.

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We know that there are essential details that you need to add for your inspections and audits. This update will make it easier to add these to your records in the field. This will mean you will not have to add or type up the information later.


When you complete a Field Job a pop-up will allow you to save Job details for all fields.

These details will then be shown as part of the field on the Field Job.

How to edit field details individually

  • Tap "Edit" in the field section of a Field Job

  • Here you have the choice to "Select all fields" or select fields individually in the "Edit multiple column"

  • When a row is highlighted as blue changes that are made will apply to all the selected fields.

  • You can edit the user that completed the work by tapping on the name.

  • Tap to "SAVE" at the bottom to record changes.

You can also attach and edit users to each individual Field of a job.


When you tap the checkbox to complete a field you will see a dialogue where you can fill in details of when the field was completed such as start and finish time, weather and who completed the work.

This information is then saved as part of your field job record and is visible under the field. If you are completing multiple fields the same weather will be populated (but you can change it) so that you don't have to enter it every time if it has been consistent through the day.

When you tap on 'Complete all fields' you will see the same dialogue but this will fill in the information for any fields on your job which are not complete.

Operator View

You can also view the information for a specific field on a field job with the operator view. You can use this screen to edit things like completion time or weather conditions if you made a mistake. It also shows the specific quantities of inputs used for that field. To open this view tap the three dots next to a field on the field job and then tap 'Open Operator View'.

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