Nutrient Management

Use fieldmargin for nutrient management and track N, P, K on your farm

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With input prices, and in particular fertilizer prices, rapidly increasing in recent months it is more important than ever to be keeping a close eye on nutrient use on your farm.

To help you keep track of these figures we are pleased to announce that we are launching nutrient management as part of our farm work and input tracking tools.

This will work for inorganic fertilisers such as Urea and organic fertilisers such as slurry.

You can set the nutrient content of the fertilizers that you are using on your farm so that you can track applied quantities of NPK and other micronutrients. This will allow you to:

  • Record the quantities of nutrients applied per job

  • Use target nutrient requirements to calculate the quantity of fertilizer required

Setting nutrient content of fertilizers


  • Tap on the "Add Field Job" button at the bottom of the screen

  • Choose the job type: Fertiziling

  • Write a title - What needs to be doing?

  • Add the field or fields you would like to add to the job by selecting the field name from the list or by choosing the field on the map. You can choose to add as many field as you need.

  • Select Add inputs

  • If you select the type fertilizer you will now see we have added nutrient section where you can enter the percentage of each nutrient.

  • With this update you will see a pre-populated list of common fertilizer.

  • You can also set up your own fertiliser inputs with their own %.

  • By default this shows the most common nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus but you can click on the arrow next to ‘show micronutrients’ to add elements such as Boron, Copper or Magnesium.

  • You can only need to fill in the ones that the fertilizer contains, all the others can be left blank.

Planning application rates

When you enter input rates for fertilizers which have nutrient content set up you will see additional rows for each of the nutrients in that fertilizer. You can:

  1. Enter your target quantity of a nutrient to be delivered based on plant requirements (in the example below 120kg N) and have the quantity of fertilizer required calculated.

  2. Enter the planned quantity of fertilizer to be applied and it will show the quantity of nutrients that will be delivered.

You can enter the target quantity of a nutrient or the planned quantity of fertiliser that you are applying.

Checking nutrients applied on a Field Job

When viewing the inputs on a Field Job you will see additional rows under fertilizers showing the nutrients applied. It also shows the nutrient percentages of the fertilizer next to its name.

You can find full instructions for how to use these new tools in our support documentation.

We hope you will find this new feature useful. As always we are keen to to hear what you think and your suggestions for how we can make it even better. We will also be developing this feature further for reports. You can get in touch with us by email to

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