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How to add soil sampling data to a field
How to add soil sampling data to a field

Use notes to record soil sampling data attached to a field. You can also upload files of analysis.

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  • Tap the big plus (+) Note button at the bottom right.

  • Give your note a title, for example "Soil analysis"


  • You can add a description or a photo to your Note. This can be any additional details that you need to share about the soils analysis. being done. It will appear in the comment section of the note. This starts a discussion which other people on your farm can contribute to.


  • Next you can attache a field to the note. This is the blue button.

Attach to fields to fields lets you add the notes to fields that you have mapped on your farm.

  • Tap "CREATE" at the top right of the screen and the Note is complete!

How to view the note

  • Now you will now be able to see your note on the Activity list. Open the activity list by dragging the Activity bar at the bottom of the screen. To open a note tap the title on the list. This will open on the comment section. You can view details of the note by clicking the information tab.

  • You can also view the note as part pf the field history.

Attach a file

You can attach a file of soil analysis results to the note.

Files can only be uploaded on the web platform but you are able to view the files on mobile while you are in the field.


  1. Open the Note or Field Job you wish to add a file to by tapping it on the activity list.

  2. Add pictures or files by tapping the file upload button to the left of the comment bar and selecting the file from your computer.

  3. You can also add some comments about the file in the comment bar at the bottom of the screen and tap the send button.

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