Copying sub-fields from a previous farm year

Reinstate sub-fields you have mapped previously to your new farm year

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Copying field usages and sub-fields across years

When you change farm year you have the option to copy across field usages and sub-fields from the previous year.

This message only shows the first time you change the farm year. If you do not receive the message simply send an email to and the support team will be able to set up your Farm Years correctly.

What to do if you did not copy usages from previous years

If you did not receive the message in-app asking if you would like to apply usages from last year to the new farm year, send an email to who will be happy to help you.

If you chose to not copy usages from a previous farm year, but would like to retrieve your sub-fields, we can still import these for you if there are no other sub-fields, usages, etc set up. Get in touch with and we will sort this out for you.

If you only want to retrieve a few sub-fields from a previous year, you can do this by following the steps set out in the section below.

What to do if you didn't copy usages from previous years or only want to copy some of your sub-fields

If you didn't choose to copy field usages from a previous farm year, or only want a few sub-fields from a previous year, follow these steps to get them back:

  1. Go to the parent field

  2. Click 'Add Sub-Fields'

  3. Click 'Use previous'

  4. Select which farm year of sub-field mapping you wish to copy

You'll get a preview of what the sub-fields look like, so you can make sure that they are the ones you want to copy.

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