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Team Permission Management

Editing user permissions and managing users on your farm

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There are currently two levels of permissions users can have in fieldmargin:

Farm Admin - can view farm reports and manage team settings and billing information.

Team Member - can update farm records, but not delete objects they did not create. No access to farm reports, team settings or billing.

The farm's admin will be the user who created the farm initially, all users added after this will be a member.

Only farm admin's can manage team settings.


  1. Go to 'Team' in the hamburger menu

  2. Tap on the 3 blue dots to the right of the users name you want to edit

  3. Tap 'Edit user' to change their status from member to admin, or delete user to remove them from the farm


  1. Go to Farm Settings

  2. Click on the 'Team' tab

  3. To edit their status, click 'Edit', then change to Admin, then 'SAVE', or to remove a user from your farm click the red cross, then 'REMOVE'.

If you would like to remove a user that is an admin on your farm, please get in touch with and we will help you with this.

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