Field Input Report

A breakdown of inputs used per field with applications, rate applied, total and cost

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The Field Input Report shows a breakdown of inputs used per field and is available with Plus and Pro subscriptions.

Reports are only available in the web app.

Viewing the Field Input Report

  1. Head to Reporting tab from side menu

  2. Select 'Field Input Report'

  3. Select fields from dropdown list (top left) to view report

  • Click an input to expand the row to show the Field Jobs where that input was used

  • Click on a job to view that Field Job


  • The Fields filter controls which fields are shown in the report

    • Click the checkbox next to field usage to select all fields with that crop type

  • Use the dropdown menu in the top right to filter by complete/incomplete jobs

Editing Costs

  • Click the Edit Costs button to edit the costing details of inputs

Downloading the Report

Click the blue download button in the top right of the report screen. You will have the option to export as a .CSV or .XLS (Excel) format.

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