Map Uploader allows you to take existing maps that you have of your farm and digitise them so that they can easily be referred to alongside your other farming records and be stored safely. Maps are orthocorrected and then added to your farm, similar to other base maps that you can currently choose such as satellite imagery or streetmaps.

One free map upload per farm. UPGRADE your plan to upload more maps

What can I upload?

You may upload any PDF, image or photo that contains a map of your farm.The types of file that you may wish to upload include:

  • PDFs or GeoTIFFS supplied by Government Agencies

  • Diagrams drawn using programs such as CAD

  • Scans of hand drawn or printed maps on paper, for example showing drainage or field boundaries

  • Photographs taken with drones at a high altitude, or light aircraft

If you want to upload files that represent field boundary data such as shape files or KML files you may do this using the field upload tool.

How to

  1. In the fieldmargin web app go to the maps tab and click “Import Maps”.

  2. Open up "Map Uploader".

  3. The following screen will give you more information about map uploading and show any maps that you have pending for upload. When you’re ready to proceed click “Upload a new map”.

  4. On the following screen you can name your map so that you can find it easily later on and set a date that it represents (this allows you to view your maps in chronological order, useful to see changes in things such as yield maps or aerial imagery)

  5. Click on “Choose file” to select your map. You may upload any PDF, image or photos that contain a map of your farm. Files may be up to 20 MB in size.

  6. Once you’re happy with the information you have added click “Save”

  7. You will be returned to the previous screen and the map you have added will show as processing.

  8. Once uploaded we process your map, this can take a day or so depending on how difficult it is to match the file you upload with our existing maps. When it is ready we will send you an email to let you know and your map will be appear on your farm.

  9. You can access all processed maps via the ‘Maps’ tab on fieldmargin.

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