How to set up Team Radar

Share your location with your farm and see where your team is on the map

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Team Radar lets you answer the question of “where are you?” easily by sharing your location with other people on your farm. Your location will be updated whenever you have the fieldmargin app open and on your screen. You can see the location of everyone on your farm who has enabled location sharing on your farm map on your phone or on the web app by opening the Team panel.

  1. Make sure everyone on your farm is added to your farm on fieldmargin (you can find instructions for inviting people to your farm here).

  2. Make sure everyone has the fieldmargin app for iOS or Android installed on their smartphone or tablet. 

  3. Make sure each member of your team enables location sharing on their phone. You can find instructions to turn this on here.

  4. Once a team member has enabled location sharing on their phone it will begin updating their location on all the farms they are a member of when they have the app open. This will then be displayed on the map which you can view on the Team tab on the web and on the mobile app when you have the team layer enabled. It will also show the time since their location was last updated. Learn more about viewing team locations.

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