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Check field work history, livestock management, input applications, yields, costs, gross margins and more.

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fieldmargin's reports make it easy to look up work that has been completed for improving farm performance, managing costs, benchmarking or audits such as farm assurance schemes. Basic reporting such as field history is included on our Essentials plan, Plus and above includes full reporting with farm input use, costings, gross margins and report export.

Essentials and above

  • Field history - a timeline of all the work that has been done on a field and when it has been grazed

  • Field input and yield summary - a summary of the quantity of inputs applied and yield per field

  • Herd history - a history of herd moves, changes to herd size and treatments

Plus and above

  • Input costs - record the amount you have spent on your farm inputs

  • Farm input summary - the total quantity of inputs applied for the farm year

  • Input report - a more granular report of the quantities of an input that has been used per field with the rate and cost of the application

  • Input cost breakdown - compare your spending by input type across fields

  • Yield report - compare yields across fields to pick out top and bottom performers

  • Gross margins - quickly see your gross margins (income from outputs - input costs) per field or usage

  • Field usage summary - the proportion of your farm used per crop on a pie chart

  • Reporting export - download your reports as a spreadsheet

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