This is a comprehensive list of fieldmargin features across all tiers to help you understand what fieldmargin can do, with links to more resources that teach you when and how to use them.

Access fieldmargin on smartphone, tablet or computer: fieldmargin offers mobile (iOS and Android) and web platform (login at

Most features are available on both platforms, but they may differ between device types and our full web app contains additional reporting features.

The mobile fieldmargin app works when you are offline.


Mapping your farm

Planting, Spraying + Harvesting


Team management

Field scouting technology

Reporting + Audits

Environmental Stewardship

Health and Safety

Connect your data

Mapping your farm

Mapping field areas

Organising field uses and plan rotations

Adding details to your map

Share your map


Planting, Spraying + Harvesting


Coming soon: Set up a working planted area

Spraying and fertilizer

Coming soon: Set up a working field spray area and check legal pesticide limits


Ordering and Stock


Animal locations and records

Manage grazing

Farm records

Not available: Individual animal records

Team management

fieldmargin is most powerful when everyone on your farm can see what is going on and contribute. Invite your team to access your farm so you can easily share maps and information, and discuss issues.

Work planning

Using your map


  • Receive notifications when a team member creates a note or a job, completes work or adds a comment.

  • Farm Chat is an instant messenger for your farm where you can make notes for yourself and discuss things with your team.

  • Easily share a map with new starts and contractors so they can get stared easier.

Field scouting technology

Field scouting using your mobile

Maps and Satellites

Reporting and Audits

Reporting for Audits

Coming soon: Upload Risk assessment files to the relevant field/building.

Analyse your data

Environmental stewardship

Health and safety

Connect your data

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